Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More fire, ghost forest, and scenery from last weekend

The fire was stopped by the bulldozed service road. The burned area looks grey. That whole tan (fountain grass) area below the road, containing remnants of the dryland forest, could easily have been burned out. The fire was probably caused by fireworks, according to police. Morons playing with fireworks. The police didn't specify morons. I'm guessing.
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We're witnessing a decades-long slow-motion battle between native plants and invaders. The native plants aren't winning. 95% of dryland forests are gone, a little more with every fire season.

So we all just lost something even if we didn't know it was there.

And the ghost forest is dispersed by the wind and rain and scattered.

On the other hand, Saturday was a fine day, with fine views below the lookout, Kiholo in the background.

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Tom said...

I always find it remarkable that things are so green around here (most of the time anyway) yet just a few tens of miles to the west it's so brown. It's an amazing place.