Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greenwell Continues Charm Offensive; Hokukano Shenanigans

Evidently, Kelly Greenwell is worried that he hasn't alienated enough voters with his " Let's bring some Al Qaeda guys to Hawaii" proposal or his getting himself arrested for a simple speeding ticket. His new cause is protecting the County Council's ability to decide policy in secret. That should turn his campaign around!

Interesting story in today's West Hawaii Today alleging that local residents Jeff Lee and Wade Lee (through an LLC, natch) are logging old-growth sandalwood from land on Hokukano Ranch above Kealakekua, and selling it under the name "Keala Ke Aloha." It's true that Keala Ke Aloha is selling sandalwood, and that Wade Lee is the contact person, according to this site. Unknown if the sandalwood is being taken from old-growth, but if the company is in financial straights and needs quick bucks, it could be desperate. The only part of the story that seems odd is Tom Pace as guardian of the environment.


Anonymous said...

What's odd about that? Most important, is the fact that one side is being deceitful and claiming that they will preserve the land and the trees and the other side has discovered the dishonesty and is not willing to be silent. If anyone has been on the Hokukano ranch property, it is absolutely beautiful to see the fullness of the trees and feel the connection with the land. I'm sure it was devastating to find something beautiful and cherished be disrespected and then, the people involved, claim no wrong doing. That's offensive.

John Powell said...

Tom Pace himself was accused in 1988 of illegally logging sandalwood. Maybe I should have said "ironic."