Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Apapane, A'ali'i, and 1:21 of calm.

Late start this morning. I went to hike up the Palani Ranch road from the end of Kaloko Drive, but a guy coming down the road and through the gate in a Palani Ranch pickup truck told me I couldn't. I told him that I knew that the property was private, but I thought the road provided access required by law to the Honuaula Forest Reserve beyond, and that the status was reflected in the fact that the signs say "Private property all rights reserved" but do not say "no trespassing." But, ultimately, he just worked there. I told him I'd go from the top of Huehue today, because he was there and asked me to, but that if no one is there, I would still hike there. He shrugged: if he didn't see it, he had no responsibility. We wished each other well, and he started to walk away.
"It's nice up there, though, isn't it?" I called after him. He turned and walked back, smiling. "Sometimes you feel like you're in the heavens, up there."

With that, today's 1:21 of calm, from "up there"

From the Huehue street hike, an 'apapane:

A'ali'i in the morning sun:

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big River continues until March 14th! Plovers! Turtle! HELCO continues to delay various projects.

Big River continues at the Aloha Theatre in Kainaliu Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 7:30, Sundays at 2:30. Tickets here. Uncle Silas is especially worth seeing.

Our winter plovers are still here, at Kaloko-Honokohau:

Since Charley posted a turtle picture from Kaua'i, here's one from Kaloko:

Finally, as Aaron has been documenting, if there's an unreasonable delay in a Big Island road project, it's a good bet that HELCO is at the bottom of it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sad News? Or is it?

From canspice (through Aaron) a rumor that Ken's House of Pancakes in Hilo is closing, to be replaced by a (shudder) Denny's. Idiosyncratic institutions are being replaced by soulless outposts of giant corporations, all over the world. Sad. But I'm surely gonna go to Costco tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to it.

Strong trades for rest of the state won't be noticed in Kona

Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualalai, working as a team,* stop the trades from reaching Kona, although now and then they'll (the trade winds) slip down past Palisades when they're really strong. Like now?

*Like Charley's Angels, except with larger boobs. It's a mystery that Hawaii Island doesn't advertise itself as The Island with the Biggest Tits in the World. With a photo like this:

Check out those clouds drifting down the cleavage...I mean, the Saddle.

What Am I Grateful for this Friday the Thirteenth?

Mostly, I'm grateful to the young people, including those not yet born, for being willing to pick up the tab for us baby boomers giving ourselves a ton of borrowed money to keep from feeling the pain of the consequences of our actions. Sometimes Zoloft isn't enough. Thanks, kids!

Today's laugh

"A suburban Buffalo man who founded a cable TV station to promote better understanding of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested on charges he beheaded his wife."

Mission accomplished!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Here's the reason blogging has been sparse (or nonexistent):

Big River, at the Aloha Theater in Kainaliu February 20 - March 14. Tickets here. We're not yet in Hell week. This week is more like Purgatory week. It's going to be a good show. I'm Uncle Silas, don't forget.
And now, because I'm tired, here, with only cursory introduction are weekend photos from Huehue Street.
Mauna Kea, with its diminishing snowcap:

One more Lehua:

Ohelo flowers: