Saturday, February 28, 2009

'Apapane, A'ali'i, and 1:21 of calm.

Late start this morning. I went to hike up the Palani Ranch road from the end of Kaloko Drive, but a guy coming down the road and through the gate in a Palani Ranch pickup truck told me I couldn't. I told him that I knew that the property was private, but I thought the road provided access required by law to the Honuaula Forest Reserve beyond, and that the status was reflected in the fact that the signs say "Private property all rights reserved" but do not say "no trespassing." But, ultimately, he just worked there. I told him I'd go from the top of Huehue today, because he was there and asked me to, but that if no one is there, I would still hike there. He shrugged: if he didn't see it, he had no responsibility. We wished each other well, and he started to walk away.
"It's nice up there, though, isn't it?" I called after him. He turned and walked back, smiling. "Sometimes you feel like you're in the heavens, up there."

With that, today's 1:21 of calm, from "up there"

From the Huehue street hike, an 'apapane:

A'ali'i in the morning sun:

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