Sunday, January 17, 2010

When Will Hualalai Erupt and Bring Death and Destruction to Kona?

Will floods of molten lava pour out of this crater at the 7000' level and wreak fiery havoc on the peaceful communities nestled on the slopes of this dangerous volcano? Eventually, I suppose.

The title of the article is confusing. "The Sleeping Giant" is a touristy name for Nounou, this mountain on Kaua'i:

And "giant" lacks the note of menace you want in an article like this.

Aaron is right about the factual error. The 900-foot thick Pu'uanahulu flow didn't reach the ocean. It stopped to comprise the (900-foot thick) Pu'uanahulu hillside that the Big Island Country Club sits on top of, seen here from Kalulu at about 6350'.

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Aareon Stene said...

I never realized that there was a Puuanahulu lava flow. The only one I was aware of was the 1859 lava flow from Mauna Loa to the north.

I'm curious did the Puuanahulu flow originate from Puuwaawaa ?