Monday, January 04, 2010

West Wind Brings Beautiful Weather to Kona

The west wind today gave us a razor-sharp horizon and clear air, and, I suspect, drove the smoke from the continuing fires elsewhere. Certainly the TV weather people in Honolulu were whining about how hazy it was. Cry me a river.

Kaloko-Honokohau at sunset. Click for larger.

On Damon Tucker's blog, Syd Singer makes perhaps the most ludicrous allusion to genocide in history, invoking the g-word in a sanctimonious and hysterical defense of mangrove trees. Yes, mangrove trees. Singer is reduced to tears as he mourns the mangrove plants, "left to rot in place." I suppose we should give them a decent burial.

Singer is the professional crank who has previously made hysterical and sanctimonious defenses of coqui frogs and strawberry guava, and agitated against women wearing brassieres (I'm kind of with him on that latter issue, though not necessarily for health reasons).

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Dave Smith said...

It's too bad ol' Syd doesn't have to work for a living so we could be spared this drivel.