Sunday, January 03, 2010

Messing Around With Long Exposures On My New Camera

60 second exposure looking across the street toward the moon rising over Hualalai:


Andrew Cooper said...

Wait? What new camera? Did I miss a post?

Thanks for posting the info on the fires, but I don't think we have been eating smoke as badly as you folks have.

Tom said...

Yes, same here, what new camera?

Happy new year,

John Powell said...

It's a Panasonic, and not a DSLR. Pushing my geek cred even lower, if that's possible.

Tom said...

Yes, you're a phillistine whose blog should be confined to the depths of hell and never be seen by anyone again.

Just about every photo on my blog was taken by a Panasonic! For the last year I used a FZ28 which got destroyed by lightning a few weeks ago and I've just got the replacement, the FZ35. I wanted to buy a DSLR but I don't have the money.

Which Panasonic did you get?


John Powell said...

DMC-ZS1. 10M. 12x optical zoom. 25mm wide angle. Leica lens. It takes pretty good pictures.