Saturday, October 02, 2010

Sunsets, Stilts, & a Snuff Film

First, a couple sunset pictures from Kaloko-Honokohau. Both have the same cruise ship heading out from Kailua (As always, click for larger):

This is part of the largest gathering of (federally endangered) Hawaiian stilts that I've seen in several years of walking at the park. I counted seventeen in all. I love these birds, with their elegant long legs:

Finally, for anyone who hasn't yet seen this, is a snuff-film fantasy from the hysterical, eliminationist wing of the environmental movement. I suppose lots of people have dark thoughts about just getting rid of those who don't agree with them, but it takes a certain cocooned self-righteous mentality to conclude that such a fantasy would make a great advertising campaign (Disturbing content if you disapprove of exploding schoolchildren):

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Dave Smith said...

Talk about extremism. Who was their ad agency, ELF? Can't imaging winning many converts with this strategy.

Devany said...

I did not watch the video... but love pictures of sunsets and sunrises around our island.

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The beautiful scenes of sun rise and sun set and bank of river around the mountain and island.
I have seen the video which gave me mixed feeling.
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