Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kelly Greenwell - Insane or Reckless?

West Hawaii Today reports that Kona's sterling councilperson, Kelly Greenwell, is proposing that Guantanamo prisoners be released here on the Big Island, not for incarceration, but for the healing process to begin, our island being such a beacon of tolerance and love. Having them here would give us a"new stew" where "various cultures can meet and learn to get along."

Admittedly, the Big Island seems to be lacking in medieval-minded religious fanatics intent on destroying tolerance and secularism, and wishing to deny women the right to go to school or drive a car. I for one am fairly happy with that situation.

On a positive note, Greenwell admits that the idea might "seem insane." That's good, the first step to getting well being admitting you're sick and all that. What's the procedure for having a councilman's mental status evaluated?


Jeff Wilson said...

Kelly Greenwell is both insane and reckless. This lunatic even went so far as to WRITE A LETTER TO OBAMA, REQUESTING THAT THE TERRORISTS BE RELEASED HERE ON THE BIG ISLAND. What would terrorists do to attract tourists? Gitmo Greenwell is the very flower of moonbattery.

Anonymous said...

I don't think, that he is insane or reckless.
Have you ever worked for a big group?
I do. Therefore I know, that problems can only be solved, if even the insanest idea is allowed to be proposed.
Bootlickers won't act like Greenwell. But with bootlickers you will never develop a good product.