Tuesday, June 16, 2009

18 months in jail - an outrage?

The villagers are sharpening their pitchforks and in "shock" over Judge Strance's reduction of the prison term for the drunk driver who killed a woman in 2006, from 10 years to 18 months.

Knowing only the facts as given in West Hawaii Today, I am in a state of partial ignorance. But lack of knowledge of the case hasn't seemed to stop anyone else from commenting, so here goes:

In 2006 the defendant was clearly an out-of-control 22 year old. According to the prosecutor, Judge Strance found the defendant's turnaround in jail "extraordinary." Was it? I have no idea, but assuming for the sake of argument that the young woman has made an extraordinary change in her life, are justice and the community better served by confining her in a holding pen for another 8 years or by allowing her to become a productive, and positive member of society?

Nothing is easier than demanding harsh sentences for everyone. Doing justice is hard.


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Original Police Release:


Keahi Pelayo said...

When government fails to protect its people, the people (through the ballot) should change the government.