Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Legal Hikes

The 1801 lava flow that Kona International Airport is built upon crosses the highway just north of the airport. Walking there yesterday I came upon this sobering sight, in a lava tube. Looks like he just lay down there.

The lava is very easy walking, if you remember the first rule of walking on lava - always watch your footing. But during the day, especially if the sun is out, it's very hot. Some days, like yesterday, I like that. It's great walking, though I understand it's a tough landscape to like for a lot of people. To me it has a rugged beauty. Click this next one for larger:

When I say it's easy walking, I mean that it's fairly level, and the footing is very secure -you're walking on bare rock (though like I said, always look where you are putting your foot). There are no trails, because the pahoehoe lava is walkable in almost any direction. I highly recommend walking this area both mauka and makai of Queen K.

Then, a pleasant Sunday morning walk at the Hao Street DLNR trail. About a mile in is a trail directly uphill - an intense half a mile. Turn left at the top, follow that trail (part of the Mahaki Street trail complex) about .4 mile, turn left into the forest, a winding 3/4 mile downhill through the mostly christmas berry forest, back to the main trail and back to the entrance. 4.2 miles or so. Another nice walk.
Ran into a pit bull alone and seemingly lost on the trail. Hope he gets found.

Here's a kahili ginger from the lower trail. I know it's invasive, but just look at it:
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