Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good News and Bad News about Kaloko Trails

The first bit of Bad News is that KS/BE is still posting employees at Huehue Street and others inside at some of the other gates and is apparently very serious about stopping the longstanding use of that area for recreational purposes. Several calls to KS/BE have gone unanswered.

Palani Ranch, owners of the roadway/trail that starts at the end of Kaloko Drive, are doing some grading (putting in housepads and driveways) just below the crest, and, as a result, are patrolling the trail on weekends to discourage trespassers, for more Bad News.

There's more Bad News, but let's get to the good news: The trail at Makahi Street is in very good shape (click for larger view):
Lots of Hawaiian forest-y beauty along the way:


The other bad news is that just before the trailhead, this is partially blocking Makahi Street:

Notice how the ginger near the car is wilted and dried by the heat of the flames. Must have been quite a fire. The taped "AV" seems a little gratuitous.

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Brains said...

Great blog! So, is the trail at Makahi Street also owned and patrolled by KSBE/Kalani? Do you know where I can find more information about it, e.g., length? Very cool.

John Powell said...

No, Makahi Street and the (connected) trail at the top of Ha'o Street are legitimate state access trails.
FWIW, KS/BE may have tired of patrolling Huehue Street. IYKWIMAITYD.


Great pictures except the car pictures!