Sunday, November 22, 2009

HELCO doesn't care about you: Exhibit "A"

The Kealakaa/Palani intersection remains uncompleted because HELCO has yet to move their power poles, replacing them with special new poles that had to be ordered from the mainland. Aaron noted at the beginning of August that the poles were the only thing holding up the completion of the intersection, and reported later that month that the fancy new poles were on their way from California, and would arrive in 2-4 weeks*. In September he reported that HELCO would be finished replacing the poles by December 2009. Here we are just before Thanksgiving, and there's no sign that HELCO even remembers the project.
Bear in mind that this project has been underway for at least three years*. Remember HELCO holding up various parts of the Queen Kaahumanu project. Go down to the Coconut Grove Marketplace and look makai (that's going to be Exhibit "B"). The only conclusion is that HELCO just doesn't care, on a basic level, about its customers and community.

*they've known about this pole replacement for three years. Why only order them from California after the rest of the intersection was completed? Because they don't care.


Aaron Stene said...


Mahalo for your blogging about this. I wanted to hear back from Noelani Whittington before I blogged about these latest delays.

However I felt obligated to what I know regarding what is going on.

Anonymous said...

It's been more then 2 weeks and this Telephone pole in Pahoa is still just waiting to fall on someone: