Saturday, October 17, 2009

Berry Bonanza on Hualalai

Yesterday was a furlough day for me, so I went up the mountain. There are choke ohelo berries up there now. This little plant was only about 4" tall, but look at how many berries it has.

Of course the usual sights were there as well:


Tom said...

I love the red colours against the silver burned-out background. Not sure about the next picture, it's not one of those Ohia things again, is it? ;)

I actually wondered if you were hiking Hualalai this morning - for the first time in ages I took a few pictures of Hualalai at sunrise. I'm used to only seeing it as a silhouette but actually got to see some of the details on the slopes today!


Keahi Pelayo said...

I have never seen Ohelo berries, thanks for sharing.