Sunday, August 23, 2009

Foraging for Food Not As Glamorous (Or Germ-free) As You Might Think!

Love the Advertiser headline:

Adventurer dies on Kauai

Oregonian fell ill after living and foraging in wilderness

LIHU'E, Kaua'i — An Oregon man who gave up his material possessions to live off the land in Kaua'i's Kalalau Valley this summer in an adventure reminiscent of the "Into the Wild" book and movie died suddenly Aug. 14 of an acute respiratory illness.

Kenny Cox, 31, formerly of Eugene, arrived in May and for 70 days lived in the open, gathering and eating fruit, plants and even grass after he ran out of rice and beans. Kaua'i residents who befriended him after he came out of the wilderness area in mid-July recalled him as free-spirited and down to earth.

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Keahi Pelayo said...

Sometimes we lose sight of how important progress is. Mr. Cox chose his life and his loss is a loss to his family.