Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big River Ends, Walking in the Rain, and "Torch of Light Award"?

Saturday night was the final performance of "Big River." It was a success, artistically and financially, and a lot of fun to do. Here's the sterling cast:

I'm at the far right of the picture. I intend to dress that way from now on.

Decided not to let a flood warning stop my hike, and it didn't. It was drizzling when I started, but the raindrops vanished like so many Obama campaign promises. Just about sunset I took this blue hour photo:

Hualalai doesn't look that tall, but it's higher than any mountain in North America east of the Rockies. Tennessee and New Hampshire, you've been served.

I followed a link in one of Damon Tucker's 50-60 daily posts to this Hawaii Tribune Herald article about the county Department of Public Works and its Public Information Officer's(!) idiotic attempt to prevent the public from learning the status of projects from bloggers. Of course, bloggers like Aaron Stene would not need to issue updates on road projects if our inept county government and its useless Public Information Officers did the job of informing the public.
I did wonder about this, however:
The Torch of Light Award, awarded for the best example of open government, goes to Gov. Linda Lingle and the Hawaii State Legislature for passing a law to protect newsgatherers from revealing confidential sources.
Protecting confidential sources is no doubt helpful to journalists, and possibly useful in uncovering government corruption or misdeeds, but "the best example of open government"? I don't see it. Perhaps there were NO actual examples of open government in Hawaii last year. Could be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention.

I need to get a profile Bio from you for the "FBI" bloggers site.

I'm just going to copy what you have on here for now.

Email me if you want to change it.

Want to get everything in sync.


P.S. 50-60 Daily posts!!!... I slowed down since I'm working to only about 40.

Tom said...

Hi John,

Firstly, congratulations on a successful season of "Big River". It was my intention to come over to the Kona side and watch but it never happened and I'm sorry about that. At least the next time I'm over there I'll recognise you by those clothes!

Secondly, I suspect we have differing views about politics, but I can't agree more about your comment on government openness. That is not open government and it has nothing to do with it. I was gobsmacked when I saw that article but assumed at the time the author was just trying to find something positive to write. I'm still bemused to this day though.

I thought there was already a law that protected journalists in this way though, although perhaps I'm confusing state and federal law?